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Cra…d, or, Kraft Maccaroni and Cheese…

I’m just a little depressed about the way my life has been going lately. It’s like, I wanna do so many things…but I can’t do to many of them because I have this STUPID BRAIN INJURY…and it’s just FRUSTRATING to no end. Shall I continue? It’s frustrating because I want to go out into the world and enjoy it…but I can’t because I have to have a plan made at LEAST 24hrs. in advance. So, I usually end up being a lazy fat tub of lard…’ENJOYING’ my TV. But let me tell you something about having a TBI…you can’t really enjoy ANYTHING because a half hour later…it’s somehow disappeared into thin AIR!!!! UUUGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m stuck doing nothing but sitting here, ‘enjoying’ my word press profile…I’m not even sure if anyone will see, or read this…but, if you do…just so you know, I’m not a ‘HAPPY CAMPER’ right now….huuuuh…well, I guess I’ll give the tv another try….